Top 5 Picture-Perfect Spots for Pictures in Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood, Florida – a coastal city that boasts a remarkable array of picturesque locations fit for capturing your most treasured moments.

Be it a family reunion, a milestone birthday, or simply a fun time with your friends, high-quality photos can immortalize these special memories. With a diverse mix of tropical scenery, charming architecture, and serene waterways, Hollywood caters to various photographic styles and preferences. 

I’ve been living in Hollywood, Florida for almost 30 years now Capturing beautiful Locations pictures in Here are 5 top five spots to capture your picture-perfect Hollywood memories. From popular tourist attractions to hidden gems, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

1. Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

Named one of America’s best beach boardwalks by Travel + Leisure magazine, the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk stretches about 2.5 miles along the Atlantic coastline. This oceanfront promenade offers stunning beach views and is lined with numerous restaurants, shops, and quaint cafes. It provides an ideal setting for vibrant family and group photos, with the ocean waves serving as a perfect backdrop.

2. ArtsPark at Young Circle

Covering 10 acres, ArtsPark at Young Circle is a family-friendly destination that truly captures the essence of Hollywood’s art and cultural scene. The park is home to an impressive outdoor amphitheatre, an intriguing visual arts pavilion, and lush, carefully curated landscapes. With its picturesque gardens, unique sculptures, and scenic pathways, ArtsPark at Young Circle will add an artistic and contemporary touch to your photos.

3. Anne Kolb Nature Center

For nature lovers seeking tranquil environments away from the bustling city life, Anne Kolb Nature Center is the place to be. This 1,500-acre coastal mangrove wetland boasts diverse wildlife habitats and offers breathtaking vistas of coastal ecosystems. Capture unforgettable family memories among the park’s serene trails, wooden boardwalks, and observation decks overlooking the calm waters.

4. Downtown Hollywood Mural Project

Take a visually captivating stroll through Downtown Hollywood, where the walls act as a canvas for talented, local and global artists. The Downtown Hollywood Mural Project showcases over 20 murals, each with its own distinct flair and personality, creating the perfect backdrop for your next photo session. Add a splash of vibrant colors and unique artistry to your family photos, making them all the more memorable.

5. Historic Hollywood Beach Resort

Brimming with old-world charm and classic elegance, the Historic Hollywood Beach Resort provides a vintage-inspired setting for your photoshoot. Originally opened in 1925, this iconic piece of architecture has retained its timeless facade. Capture the enduring beauty of this landmark while enjoying its gorgeous ocean views, intricate design, and nostalgic ambiance.

Two brothers on Hollywood beach
Two brothers on Hollywood beach

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